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At Got Trees we understand the importance of protecting our environment. Trees that are properly maintained and cared for are beneficial. It is important to preserve the life of your trees. Trimming trees makes them healthier. By removing dead limbs it gives children a safe place to play and can protect your home from storm damage.

Trees add value to a community while offering a calming effect. It has been proven by creating a natural environment it reduces stress. While providing pleasant views, trees also absorb dust and sound from roads nearby. Trees clean the air and provide oxygen. As trees absorb carbon dioxide, CO2, they are removing and storing the carbon while releasing the oxygen back into the air.

Trees help conserve energy. Having trees around your home can cut energy costs. In the summer trees create shade and cooler air which lowers the use of air conditioning, therefore reducing carbon dioxide and other pollutants from power plants. In the winter trees protect your home from the wind and weather. It is important to have your trees properly trimmed and have dead limbs removed near your home to help prevent storm damage. At Got Trees we will always put your safety and our safety first.

As trees shield us from ultraviolet rays they are reducing UV-B exposure by about 50%. This helps prevent skin cancer. Trees have also been known to heal. Studies show patients with views of trees heal faster. Trees save water by slowing water evaporation through shade. They even filter water back into the earth naturally.

Trees even have many economic benefits like providing wood to create something new. They offer a wonderful curb appeal for businesses to thrive. Trees are a place for fruit to grow and they also habitat nature.

Environmental facts

That's just a few! If you would like more environmental facts feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to provide you with some.

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